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Twinkle's Big City Knits
Twinkle by Wenlan's debut handknitting book. Twinkle sweater design is less about fancy stitches but more about creating a modern shape in a sweater. Some designs have a seemingly small bust measurement but they are designed to be fitted in that way. Throughout the book, sizing is consistent: XS=31"-33" bust, S=33"-35", M=35"-37", L=37"-39". These designs are really fresh-looking, and a great addition to the hand-knitting marketplace.
Images courtesy of Potter Craft.
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To download a pdf of this books errata, click here.

Groovy Sweater Dress in Soft Chunky.
Best Friend Cardigan in Soft Chunky
Karate Sweater in Soft Chunky
Pilot Hat and Flying Gloves in Soft Chunky
Biker Vest in Cruise.
Chelsea Sweater in Cruise.
Balthazar Vest in Soft Chunky
Tuxedo Jacket in Soft Chunky
Seaside Sweater in Cruise.
St. Bart's Mini in Cruise.
Coco Jacket in Cruise.
Hamptons Halter in Cruise.
Twiggy Tunic in Cruise.
Feather Scarf in Cruise.
Convertible Cardigan in Cruise.

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