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9069 First Edition
The First Edition booklet features Princess, Duchess, Inca Print and Minnie all new in Fall 2005 along with La Gran and Commotion 2. First Edition is a creative collection of patterns for women and children. Inside are seventeen handknitting patterns, from a very fashionable plaid coat to a drop stitch pullover, both designed by Sally Melville. First Edition also features many Duchess and Princess garments.

Mitten scarf in Inca Print and Inca Alpaca.
Brioche Stitch Pullover in Inca Print.
Brioche Stitch Capelet in Inca Print and Brioche Stitch Pullover in Inca Alpaca.
Double Ruffle Pullover in Inca Print.
Commotion 2 Cardigan
Striped Scarf in La Gran.
Plaid Coat in La Gran.
Intarsia Scarf in La Gran.
Women's and Child's Cross V-Neck Pullover in La Gran and Minnie.
Women's and Child's Polka Dot Cardigan in Princess.
Slip Stitch Pullover in Princess and Duchess.
Hat, Scarf and Wristlets in Princess and Duchess.
Pullover and Shawl in Princess.
Women's Cropped Cardigan in Duchess.
Women's Vest in Duchess.
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