Classic Elite Yarns



9068 Tweed Three
The Tweed Three booklet features Inca Marl - new for Fall 2005 along with Skye Tweed and Beatrice. Included in the thirteen handknitting patterns are a variety of garments from a stylish seed stitch jacket and a ruffled coat to a full length and a cropped cardigan. There are pullovers for men, women and children, wristlets and a hat. It also features a checkered pullover for men designed by Sally Melville!

This pattern booklet is out of print, but will continue to be in stores while supplies last.

Wristlets in Inca Marl.
Men's Graduated Step Pullover in Inca Marl.
Women's Ruffled Coat in Inca Marl.
Double Stranded Pullover in Inca Marl.
Cropped Cardigan in Beatrice.
Unisex V-neck pullover in Beatrice.
Child's Pullover in Beatrice.
Pullover in Beatrice with Paintbox trim.
Beatrice Hat

See pattern corrections here.
Women's Cable Pullover in Skye Tweed.
Child's Cable Pullover in Skye Tweed.
Men's Checkered Pullover in Skye Tweed.
Designed by Sally Melville.
Women's Jacket in Skye Tweed.