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Each week the CEY Web-Letter team puts together a collection of information we think you'd enjoy—There are often free patterns, information about the stitches and yarns used in the patterns, book reviews, discussions from designers… and more! Click below to see all the past web-letters, and enter your e-mail address to receive them each week in your e-mail inbox.

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Issue 496 - Edgewater Braids
Classic Elite Yarns has been in providing patterns for its yarns for a very long time. We think that's a good thing! It provides us with a rich knitting tradition, visible to us every single day. To celebrate the upcoming 500th Web-Letter on May 23rd, we are highlighting five of our favorite sweaters from the vast treasure of archived patterns. We are starting our five-week countdown with a sweater created by Kristin Nicholas. Kristin was THE designer for CEY for over a decade. Her amazing artistic stamp is prominent as we page through years and years of beautiful patterns. For this Web-Letter, we've chosen an iconic piece in La Gran our original "made in Lowell MA" more and download the free pattern here.