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Issue 497 – Barnyard Guernsey

The talented Norah Gaughan has been one of the most popular and prolific hand knitting designers for decades and she continues to amaze and enthrall knitters everywhere with her novel stitches, silhouettes and construction. She has an incredible number of designs on Ravelry (885!) but that doesn't come close to the true number of Norah's designs – Ravelry has only been around since 2006 and Norah already had an impressive catalog of designs at that point (not all of the designs from the pre-Ravelry days have been added). Barnyard Guernsey is just one of the many designs from Norah published by Classic Elite in the late 80's and early 90's.

From Norah:

When I designed the Barnyard Guernsey I was living on the East Side of Providence on the top floor of a three story tenement. I remember the whole building swaying a bit when the wind kicked up. I stayed in Providence after college and it was a great place for knitting. Margery Winter and Deb Newton both lived near me and several yarn companies were within easy driving distance, including Classic Elite. It seemed like the center of the knitting universe. My favorite memory of visiting Classic Elite was a boat tour on the canals in Lowell and bursting out singing "I've got a mule, her name is Sal" with fellow designer, Annie Modesitt. I love that the Barnyard Guernsey is knit in orange. I've gone through two big orange phases in my life – then and now.
Since my freelancing days, when I designed The Barnyard Guernsey for Classic Elite, I've been the design director at Reynolds then Berroco and I've written several books, including Knitting Nature and the recently published Norah Gaughan's Knitted Cable Sourcebook. Now I am working independently enjoying my new work studio in the former boiler house of a textile mill in New Hampshire. To keep in touch with knitters and see what everyone out there is knitting, I've been teaching quite a bit. Mostly in the US, but also as far flung as Denmark and Australia where I'll be teaching quite a few workshops this June.

See what I've been designing on my website or Ravelry designer page.

instagram: norahgn
facebook: Norah Gaughan Independent

For a copy of the original 364 Barnyard Guernsey pattern, visit More Norah Gaughan designs from the Classic Elite archives are available on Patternfish and pictured below.

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