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Countdown to Issue 500 – Enter to win a prize each week!
Issue 496 – Edgewater Braids

Classic Elite Yarns has been in providing patterns for its yarns for a very long time. We think that's a good thing! It provides us with a rich knitting tradition, visible to us every single day. To celebrate the upcoming 500th Web-Letter on May 23rd, we are highlighting five of our favorite sweaters from the vast treasure of archived patterns. We'd love to have you help us celebrate 500, so there's a chance for you to be a winner too – our prize for the first week is four balls of La Gran and pattern to knit yourself a pair of warm, fuzzy mittens. See details below.

We are starting our five-week countdown with a sweater created by Kristin Nicholas. Kristin was THE designer for CEY for over a decade. Her amazing artistic stamp is prominent as we page through years and years of beautiful patterns. For this Web-Letter, we've chosen an iconic piece in La Gran – our original "made in Lowell MA" yarn. As Kristin says,

"I loved La Gran Mohair and still do – I love the loft of the yarn, the shine of the mohair and the lightweight garments and throws that are made from it. This design was one of my earlier designs. It had cables that ran from the ribbing all the way through the neckline. I remember it being rather revolutionary at the time because ribs never had cables in them! The drop sleeve was easy to knit with barely any shaping."

We took Kristin's 1990 design and updated it a bit. You'll find narrower sleeves and a shorter sleeve depth in the 2017 version, but otherwise it's pretty much like what can be found in the original.

Good designs – like those from Kristin Nicholas – never go out of style. You can read more about Kristin's time at CEY by clicking here, and see what she's up to today by visiting her website. Thank you KN for your many many contributions to Classic Elite Yarns' portfolio!

For a copy of the original 335 Edgewater Braids pattern, visit Patternfish.

To find out more about our 500th Web-Letter Contest, click here.



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