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Issue 421 – Liberty Wool Teaching Beanie

Here at the CEY, everyone knits at the lunch table. As knitters, we take every opportunity to use a spare minute or two to add a few rows to our latest project or start a swatch for the next. It's always interesting and inspirational to see what everyone else is working on. Edith, our resident knitting teacher, recently taught our newest employee to knit. From Edith:

Sometimes when I'm looking for a pattern for a student in my "Knit with a Teacher" class, I get lost in the multitude of patterns on Ravelry. This happened when I was looking for a basic beanie to teach knitting in the round, so I designed this beanie in Liberty Wool. One ball will make a small to medium adult hat and it has been a fun project for new knitters as they develop their skills.

As you can imagine, men who work for a yarn company get asked a lot if they can knit. When Mark came to work here, he didn't know how to knit, and while I thought it would be a fun challenge to teach a bearded ice hockey player to knit, I didn't push it. Then he said he was intimidated by the idea of learning. Not wanting to learn? That's fine. Being intimidated? No way – knitting shouldn't be scary – especially to someone surrounded by knitters every workday. So Mark started his knitting lessons with Liberty Wool garter stitch at the lunch table under the watchful eye of the CEY staff. As you can see, he was a really quick study, interested in the logic of the knitting and doing a great job with the basic skills. He is knitting a third hat now—this one with an i-cord cast on.

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The Yarn

Liberty Wool
100% Washable Wool

Liberty Wool is a super-soft, washable wool available in solid and printed colors. This yarn's balanced twist will make all stitch combinations pop! With all the great qualities of wool and the ease of machine washability, Liberty Wool knits at a gauge that suits many designs and is ideal for children's pieces as well as those for adults.

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Washable wool is a great choice for a winter hat. Below are more free hat patterns in Liberty Wool and Liberty Wool Light.

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