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Issue 416 – Counterpane Cardigan

Designed by Alice Tang, this ingenious cardigan is composed of squares worked from the center out, that are then joined along their edges. Simple Stockinette and Reverse Stockinette are alternated around each square. Larger squares are used for the body and smaller squares form a cylinder for each sleeve. Once your squares are grafted together, stitches swirl in all directions in this clever design, making each square blend into the next.

Susan Mills

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(file size: 1.1 MB; published October 13, 2015)

The Yarn

MountainTop Vista
50% Superfine Alpaca • 50% Wool

Vista is a member of the Mountaintop Collection of yarns spun with natural undyed fibers that you have to see and feel to truly appreciate. Vista is lovely blend of superfine alpaca and wool in eight natural shades. The blend produces a durable yarn that is long-wearing while still maintaining a soft hand, perfect for all kinds of garments and accessories.

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