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Issue 409 – Liberty Wool Kids Panel Pullover

Liberty Wool Print is one of our most popular yarns. We currently have over 40 colorways and each is dyed in a random stripe combination of eight colors (plus the colors created where these eight colors overlap) – that's a whole lot of color!

As part of our subscription service for yarn shops to introduce these new colorways, we provide a new pattern in each colorway as a gift to their customers when they purchase Liberty Wool. One of the most popular patterns from 2015 was a simple to knit pullover for adults, worked in narrow panels, that highlight the individual colors in each combination. We received many requests for a child-sized version – so here it is! The panels are joined by picking up sts and working a three needle bind off, the only seams are for the shoulders.

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(file size: 925 KB; published August 25, 2015)

The Yarn

Liberty Wool
100% Washable Wool

Liberty Wool is a super-soft, washable wool available in solid and printed colors. This yarn's balanced twist will make all stitch combinations pop! With all the great qualities of wool and the ease of machine washability, Liberty Wool knits at a gauge that suits many designs and is ideal for children's pieces as well as those for adults.

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