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Issue 406 – Avalanche Leaf Yoke Pullover

I spend lots of time looking at yarns – I know! Lucky me! With some yarns, I can tell just by looking at the skein, what the knitted fabric will look like and other yarns surprise me. Last year, when I began swatching with the plump squishy sample hank of yarn that would become Avalanche, I was surprised. I knew it would make a lovely lightweight fabric but figured it would be best in plain stockinette stitch. Despite the fuzzy halo and the subtly changing colors, the stitch definition was fantastic! Then I knit a few cabled swatches and loved the yarn even more. This year we are introducing four saturated solid colors and I am more compelled than ever to knit with Avalanche.

This week's pattern, knit in one of Avalanche's new shades, is worked from the top down and combines plain stockinette with leaf motifs circling the neck. I love the cozy feel of the fabric and the generous amount of ease in the fit – like your favorite sweatshirt only better because it's warmer and more stylish.

Susan Mills

(file size: 883 KB; published August 4, 2015)

The Yarn

42% alpaca, 42% wool, 16% nylon

Extremely lightweight and lofty, Avalanche has a generous 200 yards on each 50 g hank. With a quick knitting gauge of 4 to 4½ stitches per inch, the fabric created with Avalanche is buttery soft, light as a feather and a pleasure to knit with. Introduced in 2014 in soft, heathery multi-colors with long, gradual color shifts, four new saturated solid shades have been added for fall 2015.


Designs in Avalanche

Three examples of the wonderful stitch definition of Avalanche: Luverne cable top beret, Hawley pullover with texture stitches, and Rousseau cable and garter stitch reversible scarf. Click on each project for more details.

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