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Issue 399 – Seedling Hooded Cardigan

I have a favorite sweater that I knit for myself long ago. It has finally been worn to the point that it can no longer be seen outside of my house. In my efforts to replace it, I have tried many yarns and styles and finally settled on a cardigan hoodie made out of Seedling. I have no doubt that this will become my new "go to" sweater. Don't you just love comfortable lived in clothes that also look nice enough for you to run errands? This week I am sharing the pattern and hope that it will also become your "go to" sweater.

Tonia Barry   

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(file size: 886 KB; published June 16, 2015)

The Yarn

100% organic cotton

The same soft, organic cotton as Sprout but in a lighter weight, Seedling is machine washable and available in both solid and handpainted colors. The subtle texture of the yarn adds interest but does not detract from the good stitch definition.

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