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Issue 387 – Celebration Banner

A great alternative to throw away paper banners, this week's webletter can be used for all your special occasions. You can customize the colors to reflect a particular holiday or honoree's favorite colors. For upcoming holidays, you can knit all green for St. Paddy's day or pastel colors for Easter. Or knit in a rainbow of colors (as shown) for any celebration. Options: Pin or embroider a letter on each pendant to spell out a name or message.


Susan Mills

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(file size: 514 KB; published March 24, 2015)

The Yarn

Liberty Wool
100% Washable Wool

Liberty Wool Print comes in dozens of stripey colorful combinations, but did you know Liberty Wool is also available in 37 solid shades? The same machine washable soft wool in a wide array of brights, pastels, jewel tones and neutrals.

More free Liberty Wool patterns!

Whether solid color or print, Liberty Wool is a favorite here at CEY. Click on the photos below for more free webletter patterns in Liberty Wool.


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