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Issue 384 – Cropped Cardigan in La Gran

Lightweight yet extremely warm, La Gran mohair has been one of my favorite yarns for decades – it's been around since the late 1980's! Although this week's La Gran pattern is shown in a wardrobe-friendly, neutral color, the lustrous mohair fiber takes dye beautifully and La Gran is available in a wide and varied palette.

Susan Mills

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(file size: 740 KB; published March 3, 2015)

The Yarn

La Gran
78.4% Mohair, 17.3% Wool, 4.3% Nylon

Our flagship yarn, La Gran is the best mohair on the market. Mohair fiber shares many of the good qualities of wool – it can absorb moisture yet still keep you warm and dry. Knit on a large needle, this yarn is lightweight and airy. The fluffy surface, the result of a good brushing, makes for quick knitting, yet lightweight garments.


More Designs in La Gran

La Gran is so versatile! For texture, lace, colorwork or plain Stockinette, the fluffy surface of La Gran is very forgiving and will camouflage uneven tension.

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