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Issue 381 – Cable Front Popover

In some locations the middle of February means spring is just around the corner. In other parts, like here in New England, we're still in the thick of winter and dressing in many layers is still necessary.

Knit in Toboggan, this quick to knit vest will add an extra layer, with the cozy warmth of alpaca and merino, without the bulkiness of sleeves. The simplest of shapes - two rectangles - combine for this vest with bold cables and bobbles on the front only. The only shaping is the front neck, worked into the rib for a finish free neckline. The only finishing is the side and shoulder seams.


Susan Mills

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(file size: 926 KB; published February 10, 2015)

The Yarn

70% Merino • 30% Superfine Alpaca

Toboggan is a blend of merino wool and superfine alpaca twisted into a soft, weighty skein of bulky yarn. The double ply and unbelievably soft hand contribute to buttery soft and lofty winter garments and accessories.

Quick Projects in Toboggan

Toboggan is an especially great yarn to use this time of year (in the Northern Hemisphere) because it knits up so quickly! You can actually whip up a hat or mittens while the snowstorm is raging outside your door. Here are some designs to inspire you, and help keep you warm as well.

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