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Issue 375 – CEY's Most Loved Patterns of 2014

As 2014 draws to a close I couldn't resist the urge to look back and reflect on the designs CEY published this year. With a new collection of patterns published every month and a new pattern in the Web-Letter every week, the number of designs adds up quickly – nearly 200 new designs in 2014! And even though some of my personal favorites didn't make the list, one look through the top ten (according to Ravelry) and my queue is growing!


Susan Mills

10. Apple Cider in Magnolia
Deborah Helmke
(Autumn Leaf, August 2014)

9. Cassidy in Soft Linen
Deborah Helmke
(Homestead, March 2014)

8. Cornucopia in Fresco - Therese Chynoweth (Autumn Leaf, August 2014)

"Shrugs can be quick and/or innovative projects to knit but I've never been happy with the fit around the neck and shoulders. I solved that by working three sections - a back with raglan armholes and sleeves with back raglan shaping.."

–Therese Chynoweth

7. Dunlow in Mohawk Wool - Susan Mills (Every Day Knits, July 2014)

"Mohawk Wool is my new favorite yarn and as soon as I swatched it for the first time, I knew I had to design something with lace stitches. The two easy lace stitches used in this pullover work well together and both are easy to memorize."

–Susan Mills

6. Embry in Mesa - Rachel Henry (Homestead, March 2014)

"Mesa is a great warm-weather yarn, and Embry is a great warm-weather top, but winter is coming. For a cool-weather version of Embry, use Classic Elite's Vista. Keep the dramatic neckline, but lengthen the sleeves; consider going up a size if you want to wear a layer underneath."

–Rachel Henry

5. Oxford in Color by Kristin - Julia Farwell-Clay (North River, November 2014)

"I think the pattern is wearable by many different women, depending on how much ease the knitter allows. The model is lovely and slim and the sweater fits her with a few extra inches to spare, but the ribbing keeps it fitted looking. The version I knit for my slightly rounder self has about 6" of extra room. If I were a curvier lady, I might even leave out some or all of the ribbing at the sides. The cable is addictive, I say having knit two of these sweaters so far. I’m thinking of making a cardigan version for next fall, maybe in Lamb's Ear [color]."

–Julia Farwell-Clay

4. Flying South in Wynter - Susan Mills (Autumn Leaf, August 2014)

"This is really a quick knit - once you are past the chart on the yoke, it's all stockinette. And because it is worked top down, it's easy to customize for the perfect fit."

–Susan Mills

3. Flying Colors Wrap in Alpaca Sox - Rachel Henry (All Seasons, June 2014)

"Flying Colors is a personal favorite of mine. It's a particularly enjoyable knit, and of course the finished wrap is scrumptious and cozy. But, the real joy in this sort of project is color selection. The two-color garter stitch takes high-drama colorways to a new level. Play with contrasting and complementary main colors to bring out the best in your favorite hand-painted Alpaca Sox colorway."

–Rachel Henry

2. Geneva in Soft Linen by Amy Loberg (Oceanside, January 2014)

"Soft Linen provides the ultimate balance of stitch definition and drape. The colors all work beautifully together so you can choose a wild combination or a more subdued and get the perfect wrap for any season!"

–Amy Loberg

1. Indian Summer in Soft Linen - Tonia Barry (Autumn Leaf, August 2014)

"I designed this cardigan by placing the leaves motif on a reverse stockinette stitch background because I liked the stitch contrast that I was getting. However, if you are not a lover of reverse stockinette stitch you could easily replace it with stockinette stitch and end up with just as lovely and versatile cardigan. Soft Linen is a great all seasons yarn making this cardigan a year round go to."

–Tonia Barry

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