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Issue 371 – Big Eyelets Scarf

Do you know the best way to make a scarf that is identical on both ends? Knit two pieces and join them together at the middle. Voilá! A scarf that is beautifully symmetrical.

Such is the case with today's design from Susan. The pattern begins with a little ribbing and is then knit in an oversized eyelet pattern until it is half as long as desired. The second half is knit in the same way and then the two pieces are joined together. Susan chose kitchener stitch for a polished look, but you could also use a three needle bind off for an even quicker finish.

Meg Myers

(file size: 545 KB; published December 2, 2014)

The Yarn

50% Superfine Alpaca • 50% Wool

Wynter is a super soft alpaca and wool blend. The superfine alpaca makes garments soft and warm, while the wool gives it strength. This yarn is perfect for a big chunky sweater that knits up quickly, a throw that anyone would want to snuggle under or accessories to keep you toasty. All designs in Wynter can also be knit in MountainTop Blackthorn, Wynter's undyed counterpart.

Exploring Lace

What really defines "lace" to a knitter? Is it simply a few eyelets incorporated into an otherwise solid stitch pattern? Or should the fabric have allover openwork pattern? If a design has a narrow column of eyelets, is that lace? Who are we to decide?

Lace, it would seem, is many things to knitters. Our call for "lace" designs led to many interpretations, and that led to our new collection, Winter Lace.

Above is just a sampling of the designs in Winter Lace, click here for details and to see the many other pieces in the collection.

The collection is available at local yarn shops and also available online. Don't forget that as with our other recent books, every copy of Winter Lace purchased at a LYS comes with a unique code to download a free copy of the eBook.

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