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Issue 367 – Tiverton Tweed Mesh Scarf

This November, we're welcoming Tiverton Tweed into CEY's family of outstanding yarns. Colorful tweed flecks and multiple natural shades combine in each color of this luxurious alpaca single ply yarn. The depth of color in each hank adds interest to simple stitch patterns, like the k2tog, yo pattern featured in this generously-sized scarf. Knitting this scarf with two strands held together makes it a speedy project, just right for meeting a new yarn.

Meg Myers

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(file size: 389 KB; published November 4, 2014)

The Yarn

Tiverton Tweed
90% Superfine Alpaca,
5% Wool, 5% Viscose

This buttery soft alpaca/wool/viscose tweed premieres in seven earth tones with tiny flecks of color. Knit in a worsted weight, this yarn makes scrumptious accessories and stunning garments.

New designs in Tiverton Tweed

At CEY, getting acquainted with a new yarn is a ritual. The first few hanks land on various desks and tables to be touched and admired. Then, we swatch to see which gauges produce the best fabric. Finally, we begin designing. While some yarns beg to become lace or cables, others are beautifully shown off with stockinette stitch and small stitch patterns. Such is the case with Tiverton Tweed

North River features Tiverton Tweed with a variety of projects, as you can see above. The collection also features other yarns; more about that in the weeks to come. Visit our North River page to learn about these designs. Ready to cast on? Tiverton Tweed is already available at local yarn shops and the new collection will be arriving in shops this week.

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