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Issue 362 – Center Out Baby Blanket

I firmly believe that every baby deserves something handmade when they are born. And for a special baby, this blanket is perfect. Colorful and soft and cozy and machine washable (very important for moms), Liberty Wool is made for babies and kids.

This blanket is easy to knit once you get past the first few rounds. It uses a different but easy to learn method for casting on. After that it’s the perfect project for those times you need a simple knit. It’s almost magical how the different colors of Liberty Wool print flow into each other as you knit, keeping you entranced by the beauty that is coming off your needles. And before you know it, you have a blanket that will thrill the parents and will endure lots of loving by the recipient.

If you have extra yarn, why not knit a preemie hat for your local hospital? You’ll be passing on the love to another deserving baby.


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The Yarn

Liberty Wool
100% Washable Wool

Liberty Wool is a super-soft, washable wool available in solid and printed colors. This yarn's balanced twist will make all stitch combinations pop! With all the great qualities of wool and the ease of machine washability, Liberty Wool knits at a gauge that suits many designs and is ideal for pieces knit for babies and children.

Our family of machine-washable wools also includes two great yarns from our partners. MinnowMerino by Jil Eaton is a worsted-weight, single ply yarn in Jil's signature palette of bright, saturated tones. From MillaMia we have Naturally Soft Merino—a sport-weight Merino yarn with a balanced twist and sophisticated palette.

More Designs for Babies

Whether you typically knit blankets, sweaters or accessories, you'll be delightfully surprised by how quickly you can finish baby-sized versions of the same projects. Today's baby blanket takes just five balls, which is far less than most sweaters require!

At Classic Elite Yarns, we have many designs for babies, both in pattern books and in our Web-Letter archive.

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Click the images above to learn more about the designs and where to find them. Also, don't forget about the many (many!) adorable patterns from Jil Eaton and MillaMia.


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