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Issue 350 – Horizon Motif Scarves

Summer is the perfect time for small knitting projects. And while the two bulky scarves featured this week are not small projects, each consists of individual motifs – the perfect size to tuck in your bag for the beach, ball game or playground – or where ever you travel this summer.

The same half circular motif is used in both scarves and the pattern is easily learned after the first two or three motifs, allowing you can carry on knitting with only the occasional glance at the instructions. Version 1 has two long rows of motifs joined at the long center line creating scallops that ruffle along each long edge of the scarf. For Version 2, the motifs are joined in a column at each end of the scarf, interspersed with garter stitch.


Susan Mills   

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(file size: 660 KB; published July 8, 2014)

The Yarn

48% Wool, 30% Acrylic, 15% Alpaca, 7% Silk

Horizon is a soft, single-ply, wool blend yarn in a bulky weight for quick, warm knits. Its gently variegated colors create a smooth transition from one to another - with a strand of slubby silk adding interest in the form of a subtle tweedy look.

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As a knitter, you surely have that favorite sweater or accessory that fits just right, that matches everything and that you could wear every day. Our new book Every Day Knits is a collection of sweaters and accessories that will become favorite wardrobe staples, the kind that you'll want to wear every day. This week, we take a closer look at the accessories in this new collection.

Beckly (top left and center) shows off both undyed MountainTop Vail and its colorful cousin Villa with stripes of feather and fan.

Brand new MountainTop Mohawk Wool, 100% grown and spun in the USA, is the star of this new collection. Durbin (top right), Kimball (middle left) and a trio of socks (middle left, bottom right photos) Bayard, Kenova and Delbarton show off just how beautifully Mohawk Wool looks with lace, stripes, cables and even simple garter stitch. Since socks are a staple that many of us reach to every day, we couldn't help but include Gilbert too (bottom left), knit in machine washable Liberty Wool Light.

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