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Issue 341 – Drop Stitch Scarf

Bella Lino is the perfect yarn for this multi-color scarf for warmer weather. Stitches are increased then dropped in the center of ribbed columns, creating lacy ladders. Exact gauge is not crucial to the success of this project – a looser gauge will make for an airier scarf and a tighter gauge will emphasize the ribbed stitches. Block the finished scarf for more even stitches (like our green sample) or leave unblocked for textural interest (like our purple sample).

Here are a few more options to make your Drop Stitch Scarf unique:

  • Sew the ends together for an infinity scarf that will easily wrap around twice.
  • Use 3 different shades of Bella Lino, working 24" from each ball, for a more colorful scarf.
  • Add fringe to ends with remaining yarn.


Susan Mills

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(file size: 615 KB; published May 6, 2014)

The Yarn

Bella Lino
58% Linen, 26% Viscose, 16% Cotton

Bella Lino is a lightweight yarn that creates an airy fabric with long, harmonious stripes. The palette of summery shades each have a linen-hued base. With a generous 164 yards on each ball, many projects take just a few balls to complete.

A Palette Created for Summer

As beautiful as multi-colored yarns look in pristine little balls on the shelves of yarn shops, guessing how those colors will translate into fabric can be tricky. Careful consideration goes into every yarn color in our collection. When a single yarn incorporates more than one shade, Susan, our creative director, carefully chooses the order of colors and how they'll play together. What better way to show the final colors than knit samples? Below are samples of the colors you'll find in Bella Lino's palette.

Visit our Bella Lino page for more information, including color numbers and names.

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