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Issue 338 – Braided Strap Tank in Firefly

My current long-term project isn't just the massive baby blanket that I cast on in January, I have also been organizing my closet. Blogs like Into Mind and the Coletterie have inspired me to consider each piece, making sure it has a purpose in my closet and removing it if it doesn't fit.

One of my goals has been to make every garment multi-task, like this week's Braided Strap Tank from Tonia. We've styled it as a tunic over a strappy dress, but it could also be dressed down with a camisole and jeans. The lightweight fabric knit in Firefly would also make it a perfect beach coverup. My closet definitely needs more pieces like this.

Happy knitting,                     

Tonia Barry

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(file size: 723 KB; published April 15, 2014)

The Yarn

75% viscose, 25% linen

Firefly is a warm-weather yarn with a subtle sheen and wonderful hand. The juxtaposition of the linen with a light-catching sheen gives it a distinctly feminine look. Firefly drapes wonderfully at a wide range of gauges - knit loosely for elegant lace or more tightly for stockinette fabrics.

Summertime projects in Firefly

For six months, we've been debuting new patterns in a beautifully re-designed book and as individual PDF patterns. The response has been wonderful, who doesn't like getting new patterns monthly instead of twice a year? One of the most exciting aspects of our new publication schedule is the steady stream of new patterns featuring our outstanding yarns.


Firefly has appeared in three of our recent books, Kai (left) from Oceanside, Orli and Thea (center) from Sunny Day and Hiawatha (right) from brand new Silhouettes. Click the images to learn more about each design and explore our other new patterns.

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