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Issue 336 – Wasabi

Wasabi came from my desire to have a hat that was simple-to-knit, lightweight for the approaching windy spring weather, and easily modified. A few quick swatches and a not-so-quick bout of unknitting and re-knitting the crown decreases (it had to be just right, after all) produced this basic hat with a rhythmic design.

One hank of Alpaca Sox is enough to make three hats. A few easy but not-so-subtle changes can add variety and keep your knitting interesting if you choose to make more than one. Try a k2tog at each of the knit columns to make them gently spiral for the crown decreases. Or, keep it simple and work the section above the ribbing entirely in reverse stockinette stitch. A deeper or shallower 2 x 2 rib at the base would also alter the look (keep in mind, the more ribbing you work, the more yarn each hat will take).

Happy knitting!

Meg Myers

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(file size: 583 KB; published April 1, 2014)

The Yarn

Alpaca Sox

Alpaca Sox
60% Alpaca • 20% Merino • 20% Nylon

Alpaca Sox is spun from a blend of fibers designed to make a comfortable, warm fabric. Alpaca provides warmth and softness, Merino adds elasticity and cushion, and a little nylon lends durability.

The unique 2-ply construction of this yarn is just right: twisted just enough to be durable, but relaxed enough that the alpaca fibers can expand a little and show their halo. The yarn feels lofty and light and is as lovely in shawls, scarves and baby sweaters as it is in socks.

A Color for Every Palate

I am a huge fan of the kettle dyed shades of Alpaca Sox. The colors add depth to knitting while still letting the stitches speak for themselves. Although Wasabi is simple, the kettle dyed shades would work just as well with intricate lace and cable patterns too.

For those looking for something extra in their hanks, there is Alpaca Sox handpaints. Wasabi's simple textures are also a perfect canvas to show off the multi-hued shades. These handpainted colors are also great for beginners; the color variation helps to hide small stitch and tension inconsistencies.

Visit our Alpaca Sox page to browse the colors by name and to see our collection of pattern books that include this beautiful, multi-project yarn.

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