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Issue 328 – Easy Magnolia Scarf

Colors can be strongly associated with a holiday or special occasion. Red, White & Blue = July; Red & Green = December; Pink = October. Green = March. Red, by itself, is often associated with February and Valentine's Day. It's the color of our beating hearts, the color of passion, the color of hope. As we approach February 14th, here is a little something that will warm you up, whether you knit it in vibrant red as we did, or in another color – one that might evoke a special time of year for you!


Betsy Perry

(file size: 624 KB; published February 4, 2014)

The Yarn

70% Merino, 30% Silk

An exquisite blend of merino and silk, Magnolia has a subtle sheen and great stitch definition. The semi-solid colors give Magnolia the illusion of light reflecting off the surface of the fabric. Magnolia's elegance is perfect for dressy, special occasions or for everyday luxury.

Red Knits

When it comes to color palettes, our family of outstanding yarns is unmatched. From the natural shades in the undyed MountainTop Collection to yarns like Alpaca Sox and Silky Alpaca Lace that each come in over 40 shades, we've got a color for every occasion and project.

A few years ago we created an eBook of patterns in our reddest yarns for Stitch Red. In honor of this red month, we're revisiting our Stitch Red eBook. It's also a nice reminder to think about heart health – regardless of the month.

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Clinging to You (left) is a scarf knit with two strands of Silky Alpaca Lace held together in a lace pattern. The Alpaca Sox Shawl (top center) begins with a lace edging and quickly switches to garter stitch for the remainder of the triangular piece. Camellia (bottom center) also starts with lace on the bottom edge and is then shaped with short rows, this time with just one strand of Silky Alpaca Lace. The Healthy Heart Hat, knit in Magnolia, is so-named because of the small stripe of Fair Isle hearts around the band, and comes in two sizes.

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