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Issue 326 – Cabled Mittens in Chateau

There are those who think I'm crazy, but I like winter. I like snowy days, sitting by the woodstove and wearing layers. I even enjoy shoveling – I love being out in the fresh air and clean white, sparkling snow. Even though I'm a fan of winter, it's around this time of year that I understand why most people prefer other seasons. Around the end of January it hits me and I truly and deeply understand the attraction of tropical vacations, going barefoot and retiring to Florida.

It's also around this time of year that the mittens begin to disappear. Dropped in transit or left behind somewhere, even mis-matched pairs are hard to come by. The lack of adequate hand covering makes appreciating the cold more difficult.

So here is the pattern for my newest mittens. Worked flat in Chateau or Chalet then seamed, they knit up quickly and are super soft and warm. I'm hoping they'll see me through to the end of winter.

Susan Mills

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Correction to original pattern: Shape Top of Thumb, Next row (RS): *K2, k2tog; rep from * – 12 sts.

The Yarn

70% Baby Alpaca • 30% Bamboo

MountainTop Chalet's colorful cousin, Chateau is the same super-soft baby alpaca/bamboo blend with a chainette construction. It knits up quickly, which is perfect for last-minute gifts. Any pattern written for Chalet will knit-up just as beautifully in Chateau. Look for Chateau at your LYS in eight vibrant, heathery colors.

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At Classic Elite, we spend our days thinking about yarn (it's only logical, with a warehouse of beautiful yarns between us and the lunch table). From warm wintry yarns for mittens and sweaters to lightweight cottons and blends for summer tops and accessories, we have a yarn for every kind of project.

With so many yarns, we also spend a lot of time dreaming up new designs. A quick CEY search for "mitten" returns two pages of CEY publications that include mitten patterns, below are just a few of the results (click the images to learn more). Try searching for other projects on our site and you'll quickly realize just how expansive our design catalog is.

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