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Issue 325 – Ethereal Scarf in Silky Alpaca Lace

Whenever I run the risk of running out of knitting, whether traveling or meeting friends for craft night, I always bring a ball of Silky Alpaca Lace. It is a versatile weight that creates a beautiful fabric on a variety of needles sizes, and one ball has enough yardage to make a plethora of designs.

Tonia Barry's Ethereal Scarf is just the sort of project I cast on with my emergency ball of Silky Alpaca Lace. It takes just one ball, is so lightweight that it will easily fit in my purse (whether it's a WIP or a FO) and has short lace repeats that I won't blunder when my attention is focused elsewhere. And scarves like these are suited for all seasons, so there is no pressure to finish it quickly. Maybe I should print this one and stick it in my knitting bag, just in case...

Meg Myers

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The Yarn

Silky Alpaca Lace
70% alpaca, 30% silk

Silky Alpaca Lace is a beautiful blend of fibers spun into a gossamer yarn that knits amazing lightweight pieces. The alpaca in this yarn provides warmth and a soft halo, while the silk adds a subtle sheen to the knitted stitches. Worked with larger needles, Silky Alpaca Lace makes lovely, light-as-air shawls, garments and accessories.

Lightweight knits in Oceanside

If you take to my emergency Silky Alpaca Lace method then we have new designs for you in Oceanside. Una (top left/middle) is another perfect design. The scarf is knit from tassels to tassels in a double yarn over pattern. Once blocked, the openwork expands so much that Una can also be worn around your shoulders as a warp. By knitting Mouna (top right) very loosely, Firefly also creates an open fabric. This wrap also has double yarn overs that block out beautifully.

Kai (bottom right) is also knit in Firefly with a panel of quadruple yarn overs up the front and back. If you love the shape of either Kai or Mouna, consider swapping Firefly for Bella Lino. As you can see in Talulah (bottom left), this pullover takes full advantages of the long color runs with mitered side panels.

All of these lightweight knits would make great travel projects (unlike the afghan I just finished). Visit our Oceanside page to learn more about these designs and the other brand-new patterns in the collection. Oceanside is now available at your LYS and each printed copy comes with a free eBook download. Can't wait? The individual patterns and eBook are also available instantly online.

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