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Issue 324 – Bella Lino Wrap

It's definitely still winter but CEY is already thinking spring! Our January pattern book, Oceanside, is chock full of light and breezy, warm weather projects, including in our new yarn Bella Lino. Colorful stripes adorn the natural linen colored background of Bella Lino and the linen blend takes dye beautifully. It knits at a similar gauge to Firefly and is interchangeable with Firefly in many patterns. Cast on now to have a new summery knit to wear as soon as the weather warms.

A truly simple knit, this week's pattern from Tonia Barry is a rectangular wrap worked in stockinette stitch. It shows the harmonious stripes of Bella Lino to their best advantage and it is easily customizable to any width and length you like.

Susan Mills

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The Yarn

Bella Lino
58% Linen, 26% Viscose, 16% Cotton

Bella Lino is a lightweight yarn that creates an airy fabric with long, harmonious stripes. The palette of summery shades each have a linen-hued base.

To see Bella Lino's full range of colors and how they look when knit, visit our Bella Lino page.

Introducing Oceanside

The holidays are usually a sudden reminder that knitting can be a time-consuming task. To finish our projects on time, we must plan ahead. That's exactly what we're doing this January with our new book Oceanside, planning and knitting for the warmer months to come.

Sometimes it can best to get to know a new yarn with simple, straightforward knits. Like this week's free pattern, Cordelia (top left) is another easy-to-knit shawl in Bella Lino. Cordelia has extra interest added with an easy eyelet pattern and fringed edge. If you are a sweater knitter, consider Sul (top center), another basic piece to introduce you to Bella Lino. This cardigan is knit in pieces and has short, fitted sleeves. Geneva (top right) is another new wrap design in Oceanside, this time featuring Soft Linen. This garter stitch wrap has wedges of color that are shaped with short rows.

Kendria (bottom left), knit in Pirouette, is a basic pullover with an a-symmetrical hem to add interest to the simple shape. This lighter-than-air knit is a season-less piece, perfect for breezy beaches in the summer and chilly offices in the winter.

We'll revisit our Oceanside book in the weeks to come, but you can always visit our Oceanside page in the meantime to learn more. Ready to start your summer knitting? Kudos to you! Oceanside is available at your LYS and each printed copy comes with a free eBook download. The individual patterns and eBook are also available instantly online.

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