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Issue 322 – Farmhouse Afghan

This December, we're exploring ways to add color to our knitting. Bulky, quick-knits are also on our mind – it's cold outside! Here's a twist on both ideas: a bulky afghan with pops of color that you can start using for warmth even before binding off.

The Farmhouse Afghan is knit in undyed Blackthorn with stripes of its dyed cousin, Wynter. The two-row pattern is easily memorized and the stripes show off the zig-zag texture. After a few repeats of the stripe sequence, the growing afghan will be big enough to cover your lap as you knit.

The blanket is so named because of its recipient, my dad who has a small potato farm in the Rocky Mountains, a place where the snow arrived in October. Now that it's done keeping my lap warm, I'm happy to know it will help my dad weather the long Colorado winter.

Happy knitting!

Meg Myers

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The Yarn

Wynter & Blackthorn

Wynter & Blackthorn
50% Superfine Alpaca • 50% Wool

These yarns are a blend of super soft alpaca and wool. The superfine alpaca makes pieces soft and warm, while the wool gives them strength. Blackthorn is from the MountainTop Collection of undyed yarns and Wynter is the same yarn in a beautiful palette of saturated colors.

Add Color to your Knitting

There are many ways to add color to our knitting. It can be as simple as color blocking (see the Wynter Cowl in last week's Web-Letter) or adding stripes throughout like I did for the Farmhouse Afghan. And still, we can take it one step further and work with two – or more – colors at a time.

If the zig and zag of the stripes in the Farmhouse Afghan piques your interest, consider the Abbey pullover (top left). Knit in Inca Alpaca, its harmonious colors zig zag around the yoke in a simple Fair Isle pattern with two colors at a time. Similarly, Lady of Grace (top center) has a Fair Isle yoke worked in five colors of Ava.

If working with one color at a time is more to your liking, consider Saint Stephen (hat, lower left). This colorful hat has four-round stripes of Fresco. If the featured yarn this in week's issue appeals to you, then consider Faith (bottom center). Mix and match colors of Blackthorn and Wynter for a multitude of colorful possibilities.

Once you develop a rhythm working with two colors, it can be hard to stop! In no time you'll have a stack of colorful projects just like we did for the Cathedral book. Ready to start your stack? Look for Cathedral at your LYS or purchase the Cathedral eBook and individual patterns instantly online.

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