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Issue 313 – Pocket Scarf in Kumara

This pocket scarf is easier than it looks. It's worked flat in Stockinette stitch with a few border stitches in Garter stitch on each edge. Extra stitches for the pockets are cast on then decreased until only enough stitches for the body of the scarf remain.

The magic is in the finishing. Fold over the ends of the scarf (where extra stitches were cast on) and sew those extra pocket stitches together with two short seams. To keep both ends of the scarf identical, each side is worked from the end to the center and then the pieces are grafted together.

Did you know we have a library of tutorials for common terms? If you're nervous about seaming and grafting, visit our tutorials for step-by-step instructions when you're ready to finish your scarf.




(file size: 120 KB; published October 15, 2013)

The Yarn

85% extrafine Merino • 15% baby camel

Kumara is a blend of extrafine merino and baby camel hair. Merino is a warm and buoyant fiber that takes dyes beautifully; Camel is a super soft fiber that, because of its short staple length, adds a lovely halo.

The blend of Merino and camel fibers makes soft, muted colors. Kumara's six twisted plies yield great stitch definition.

Winter Wind

Kumara has a lovely library of patterns, which can be found in our dedicated pattern booklets. Brand new this season is our fourth Kumara booklet, Winter Wind. Don't these four designs look cozy? Just the perfect thing for when the ground is covered in snow once again? Click the image below to learn more about the designs in Winter Wind.

Love what you see? Look for the booklet at your LYS or purchase the patterns individually.

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