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Issue 307 – Ava Striped Hat

It may not be back-to-school season for me anymore, but this time of year I still like to knit accessories to show my support for the home team. While knitting this hat in shiny new Ava, it occurred to me that the silver and purple could be mistaken for the colors of a particular championship football team. So I immediately cast on for another hat in orange and blue, the colors of my home team.

This is the most basic of hats and it takes just two balls. Perfect for whipping up a hat in your team or school colors. Or work 2" of ribbing and 27 rounds of stockinette stitch before the crown decreases to make a slightly shorter cap with just one ball of Ava.

Meg Myers

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(file size: 635 KB; published September 3, 2013)

The Yarn

86% Wool, 9% Viscose, 5% Metallized Polyester

Brand-new Ava is a DK weight merino that is plied with a strand of sparkle. The merino gives the yarn structure and warmth. Perfect for simple to complex patterns, Ava has the right amount of glitz - enough to make any item dressy, but not so much that you couldn't wear it every day.

Ava's self-titled debut

The Ava pattern booklet is not just full of beautiful designs; it is also simply a beautiful book to peruse. I am sure there are plenty of designs to come in Ava, both from designers at CEY and independent designers too, but for now I'm perfectly happy to flip through this booklet and imagine which colors I'll choose to knit for me!

(clockwise from the top left) Alsace is a textured cardigan with a crew neck and diamond motif on the back; Versailles is a one ball hat that begins at the crown with a lace top and is worked down to the brim; Champagne is a short-sleeved pullover with a ribbed tie at the neck; Brittany is a mesh cowl with contrasting ribbed edges that can be worn long or double wrapped; Notre Dame is a scarf worked in a reversible eyelet pattern that takes just two balls; Alesia is an open cardigan with a slight A-line silhouette and small shawl collar; Bastille is a simple hat that can be worn slouchy or with the ribbing folded up for a fitted look.

Look for the Ava pattern booklet at your LYS or purchase the patterns individually online.

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