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Issue 302 – Felted Lunch Bag in Vista

There is not much cupboard space in my kitchen so the plates, teacups and jars that would normally be hidden away are stacked on open shelving. One could say my kitchen accoutrements are the decorations. So, I do my best to make sure the supplies in my kitchen are as pretty as they are functional.

Jane Anthony's Felted Lunch Bag would fit right in on my shelves. Felted Vista creates a thick and insulating fabric, which is just what I need when bringing my refrigerated leftovers to work. The flower, straight from Issue 284, is the perfect decorative touch and can be made to match the colors in your kitchen.

Meg Myers

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The Yarn

MountainTop Vista
50% Superfine Alpaca • 50% Wool

Vista is a member of the Mountaintop Collection of yarns spun with natural undyed fibers that you have to see and feel to truly appreciate. Vista, which is interchangeable with 100% wool Crestone, is a lovely blend of superfine alpaca and wool in eight natural shades. The blend produces a durable yarn that is long-wearing while still maintaining a soft hand, perfect for all kinds of garments and accessories.

Knits to decorate your home

The satisfaction of a tasteful knit for the home is constant: I may only wear a particular handknit scarf or sweater once or twice a month, but I see (and use) my wipe cozy and felted bowls daily.

Below are other free Web-Letter designs for the home. With the exception of the curtain and the throw, they are small projects that could be worked up in just one or many colors to suit your indoor palette. The planning ahead knitter in me also says they would make great gifts for housewarming and holiday parties.

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