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Issue 296 – Ridgeline Kerchief in Provence

Granny squares are my crochet comfort food. They're simple, I know what to expect and when my crochet edges aren't straight, a few rounds of a granny square just make me feel better. However, a granny square is always a granny square not much else to it. Except today, that is, with Kathy North's Ridgeline Kerchief, which begins with a tiny granny square at the tip and is then seamlessly shaped into a triangular kerchief.

If you're like me and enjoy crocheting but find starting projects intimidating, this quick-to-crochet kerchief that starts with a few comfort rounds is just the thing.

Meg Myers

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(file size: 792 KB; published June 11, 2013)

The Yarn

100% Mercerized Egyptian Cotton

Provence, one of our signature yarns, is a mercerized Egyptian cotton that knits into a strong and beautiful fabric.

Egyptian cotton has two qualities that make it a great cotton yarn: a very long staple (fiber) length and a small diameter. The long staple gives the yarn strength and sheen; the delicate diameter means that it spins into a soft, smooth yarn. Mercerizing makes a yarn that is stable, takes dye well, and is less likely to shrink.

Maple Hill Farm – designs in Provence

We have lots (and lots, and lots) of patterns made with Provence. What else would you expect from a signature yarn? Despite the plethora of Provence patterns, designers keep imagining the yarn in new ways. From dropped stitches and cables to tailored stockinette shapes, Maple Hill Farm has four new patterns unlike any others.

(Left to right) French Meadow is a classic Chanel-style jacket with bands of lace; Rocky Pond is a short sleeve top with a deep rib and minimal finishing (and it's a quick knit, ask me how I know....); Love Lane is a tailored cardigan with a scoop neck and hemmed, textured bands at the waist and cuffs; Wildflower Ridge has sideways cables and dropped stitches on the upper body with a body-hugging lower portion.

Look for Maple Hill Farm at your LYS or purchase the patterns individually online.

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