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Issue 295 – Lightweight Cowl

I was in Texas recently, and although it was quite warm, as Texas can be in springtime, I nearly froze when I was inside! I'm not sure why restaurants and stores keep the AC quite so chilly. This week's Web-Letter from Stephanie Steinhaus is the perfect accessory to ward off that summertime chill. I think I'll make one in neutral shades of Silky Alpaca Lace, and keep it handy all summer long – that way I'll be prepared for the New England dip in temps, or the mall's idea of indoor temperature control. It would be fun to do what our designer did too – match the cowl's color to a cute sundress. Oh dear; now I'm thinking I'll need more than one!

As if that isn't enough, this cowl ties in perfectly with our two best-selling booklets, Handmade Los Angeles I and Handmade Los Angeles II. Each collection has five perfect-for-summer designs, keep reading to learn more.

Betsy Perry

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The Yarn

Silky Alpaca Lace
70% alpaca, 30% silk

Silky Alpaca Lace is a beautiful blend of fibers, spun into a gossamer yarn that knits into amazing lightweight pieces. The alpaca in this yarn provides warmth and a soft halo, the silk adds a subtle sheen to the knitted stitches. Worked with larger needles, Silky Alpaca Lace makes lovely, light-as-air shawls, garments and accessories.

Handmade Los Angeles I & II

Have you ever wondered what knitters in a warm climate work on? What about the knitter who lives in a big city? Handmade Los Angeles I and II has the perfect answer! Classic Elite Yarns partnered with Stephanie Steinhaus, owner of the Los Angeles store Unwind, to bring you two pattern books (click the photo collages below to learn more about the individual designs).

Designed by Stephanie and other LA-based designers, these pieces are knit in lighter weight yarns and are perfect for layering – must knits for summer! Each booklet has five designs that include a variety of pieces that are easy to knit, stylish and figure-flattering.

Both books have a minimalist feel but are full of photos and anecdotes from the designers about their design process, style and the finished pieces. Of the Firefly Swing Tank, designer Suzanne Shaw writes, "Why can't my casual pieces be dressed up? Make the most of your closet. If I can wear it to a wedding AND wear it go for coffee, I'm good."

Look for the Handmade Los Angeles pattern booklets at your LYS or purchase the patterns online here and here.

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