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Issue 291 – Indie Designs in Classic Elite Yarns

I collect knitting patterns. For me, it's part of being a knitter. I am always on the lookout for new patterns. I stalk my local book store to see if they have received any new knitting books (since the last time I checked, which was most likely only a few days ago), I troll the 'Recently Added Patterns' section of Ravelry daily and stop by my LYS frequently to 'just browse' their patterns.

While I love looking at books and leaflets, my favorite thing is seeing what indie designers come up with. Often they have a fresh twist on a shawl that takes it from simple to fabulous. Or they have a new take on a cardigan that I would never have thought of. They also provide great inspiration for an armchair designer like me.

There are so many great indie designs using Classic Elite Yarns. Below are just a few of our most recent favorites. A 'quick search' on Ravelry will bring up hundreds of different patterns. Hop on over to Ravelry to take a look at all the wonderful indie designs for yourself.

Claudine Monique

Sophie's Shrug Sophie's Shrug Garter Stitch and Lace Spring Lightweight Scarf Marissa's Cowl Field of Flowers Headband Triple Infinity Ruched Arm Warmers with Beaded Detail Opening Night Chemise a Chevrons Faytown Jeanette Wrapped in Leaves Crystal Chandelier Shawl

1. Wrapped in Leaves in Magnolia by Alana Dakos 2. Triple Infinity in Vail by Hilary Carr   3. Sophie's Shrug in Mesa by Holly McAlister

4. Faytown in Liberty Wool by Sarah Jo Burch 5. Opening Night in Montera by Marlaina "Marly" Bird 6. Chemise a Chevrons in Color by Kristin by Ashley Dale

7. Marissa's Cowl crocheted in Vail by Julie Blagojevich 8. Garter Stitch and Lace Spring Lightweight Scarf in Alpaca Sox by Dorisann Allenson 9. Crystal Chandelier Shawl in Vail by Maria Olsson

10. Field of Flowers Headband in Alpaca Sox by Susie Passmore 11. Ruched Arm Warmers with Beaded Detail in Vail by Rachel Hunnicutt 12. Jeanette in Vista by Shireen Nadir


Indie Designers in Shawls, Wraps and Scarves

alternate patterns

One great thing about Shawls, Wraps & Scarves is the list of designers, many of whom I had never heard of. I love the same thing about our indie designer issues – putting them together brings up new designers to follow!

A particular design that caught me eye during my first flip-through was the Jewl Tones trio by Nitza Coto. The Button Coat Scarf (shown here in purple) is a beautiful execution of a clever idea, which immediately put Nitza on my favorites list!


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