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Issue 286 – Crestone Tasa Bag

Talitha Kuomi dreamed up this week's design, the Tasa bag. The chevron slip stitch pattern creates a sturdy fabric with a woven appearance and the slightly marled shade of MountainTop Crestone adds depth to the stitch without diminishing the texture. Little finishing details, from the zipper to the strap with tabs and rings, give Tasa a polished look.

It's the just-right yarn and color for a bag that's the just-right size. How can I be sure? I might have taken it for a test run around my apartment, filled with my usual purse accoutrements. If your purse needs to hold a little more, just work more pattern repeats for a deeper bag.

Meg Myers   

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(file size: 672 KB; published April 2, 2013)

The Yarn

Crestone is a member of the Mountaintop Collection of yarns spun with natural undyed fibers that you have to see and feel to truly appreciate. The marled colors are spun from two undyed shades plied together, resulting in a woolly and visually interesting natural yarn. Crestone will produce a beautiful, durable fabric, perfect for long wearing garments and accessories.

More bags and purses for all seasons.

Bags and purses can be perfect little projects for trying new techniques. Not too big, not too small, and gauge isn't as crucial as it is with fitted garments. However, my favorite part about making bags is the chance to add a little color to my ensemble without having to wear it.

CEY has published some great bag patterns that use a variety of fibers and techniques. Click the images below to visit the project Ravelry pages for more information and to purchase the PDF patterns.


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