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Issue 283 – Skinny Mitered Scarf in Liberty Wool

This long skinny scarf is simple and quick to knit in Garter Stitch. A double decrease in the center and yarn overs at each edge allow the Liberty Wool stripes to slant toward the center. Pom poms decorate each pointed end for a colorful, whimsical and quick-to-complete scarf.

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(file size: 370 KB; published March 12, 2013)

The Yarn

Liberty Wool
100% Washable Wool

Liberty Wool is a super-soft, washable wool available in solid and printed colors. This yarn's balanced twist will make all stitch combinations pop! With all the great qualities of wool and the ease of machine washability, Liberty Wool knits at a gauge that suits many designs and is ideal for children's pieces as well as those for adults.

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Why yes, those are all 30 available printed colors of Liberty Wool, a number that grows every month! Not to mention the 31 solids also available...

We all love to oogle pretty colors, but what's a crafter to do with them? These one-of-a-kind prints lend themselves to chevrons and zig-zags, fair isle and stockinette stitch. Head over to the CEY blog to read about more designs and projects that take full advantage of these beautiful printed colors.

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