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Issue 281 – Easy Striped Scarf in Giselle

One of my favorite things about winter is a big bulky scarf. I love them so much that I wear one in some form or other practically every day. I have even been known to throw on a scarf on lazy Sunday mornings when I am knitting in my pjs.

This week's webletter is a perfect beauty by Susan Mills. I say perfect because it hits it on so many levels. It's super easy (knit every row) and it's colorful because of the lovely striping. It can be worn as a scarf and if your shoulders get cold, it's wide enough to be a wrap.

Tonia Barry

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(file size: 315 KB; Published February 26, 2013)

The Yarn

64% kid mohair • 25% wool • 11% nylon

Giselle is a beautiful kid mohair and wool blend. It's heavier than lace weight but still light and airy. Kid mohair is fine and lustrous and has many of the good qualities of wool. It's soft and can absorb moisture yet still feel warm and dry. Mohair (the fiber) comes from Angora goats (the animal). Angora goats are small and friendly, and they're shorn twice a year.

Cosmic: Four patterns in Giselle


Cosmic is the newest pattern booklet to feature Giselle with four cozy patterns designed with mohair in mind. Clockwise from the top left: Astral, a cozy V-neck pullover with entwined ribs at center front; Celestial Rings, a loose fitting cowl with ties worked in one or two colors; Stellar, With a row of buttons at the center point, this versatile eyelet scarf can be worn as a scarf, wrap or cowl; Velvet, an A-line tunic pullover, knit from the bottom up, with contrasting color at sleeves and neck.

Look for the Cosmic pattern booklet at your LYS or purchase the patterns online

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