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Issue 276 – Magnolia Vintage Capelet

Before I got to see Kathy North's Vintage Capelet, I read her description of the crochet piece: one-piece construction from the top down...incorporating increases, vintage shell diamond stitch pattern for rich texture...easy, rhythmic stitching...a versatile shoulder accessory.

It also uses just three balls of Magnolia, a rich blend of Merino and silk. Such an approachable piece, for the seasoned crocheters and adventurous knitters!

Meg Myers

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Errata for patterns downloaded before 3/27/13: End of Rows 9 & 13 should read "Drop B..." (instead of A.)

The Yarn

70% Merino • 30% Silk

An exquisite blend of merino and silk, Magnolia has a subtle sheen and great stitch definition. The semi-solid colors give Magnolia the illusion of light reflecting off the surface of the fabric. Magnolia's elegance is perfect for dressy, special occasions or for everyday luxury.

Stitch Red is still going strong and Magnolia is a designated Stitch Red yarn. If you aren't familiar with Stitch Red, click over to their website to learn more.

Stonegate: Five new patterns in Magnolia

Stonegate is the newest pattern booklet to feature Magnolia with five patterns that have a vintage flair. Clockwise from the top left: Cedany, a capelet worked from the bottom up; Juliana, a pullover with colorwork yoke that's worked from the bottom up; Gloriana, a cozy triangular wrap with tassles; Guinevere, a cardigan with lace bodice and sleeves; Amelia, a cap with a twisted brim and cable panel up the side.

Look for the Stongate pattern booklet at your LYS or purchase the patterns online

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