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Issue 272 – Fresco Garter Cable Wristlets

There are days when it's too warm for gloves but you need something to keep your hands warm and still be able to work. That's the beauty of having fingerless gloves. This Fresco pair designed by Amy Loberg is stylish, quick to knit and fits the bill for cozy and functional. Your fingers can still type, cruise the internet or even knit, all while being comfortable. A great holiday gift for your friends and yourself.

Andi Clark

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(file size: 540 KB; Updated 12/31/12: The cables on Row 11 of chart should both be purple.)

The Yarn

60% Wool • 30% Baby Alpaca • 10% Angora

Fresco is a smooth and even 3-ply sport weight yarn. The plies are twisted together tightly enough to make a firm, springy yarn, but not so tightly that the yarn loses its lofty, soft hand. The fiber blend – wool (for warmth and strength), alpaca (for loft and sheen), and a bit of angora (to provide a soft halo) – makes a yarn that's warm, soft, and slightly fuzzy.

More Colors of Fresco

As with many of our yarns, Fresco doesn't just have plenty of pattern support, it also comes in a huge array of colors. A quick search on Ravelry for Fresco projects returns beautiful colorwork sweaters and mittens (including Amy's free Winter Wonder Mitts), hats with tiny cables, scarves with chunky cables, stockinette cardigans and even a few lace projects. Fresco truly is a versatile yarn.


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