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Issue 268 – Slouch Hat
crocheted in Majestic Tweed

Here in New England, we are definitely into hat wearing season. The breeze is chilly and ears need covering. Kathy North's easy-to-crochet Slouch Hat, in soft and lofty Majestic Tweed, is the perfect pattern if you want a hat in a hurry - this would make a great first project for a new crocheter too. Grab your hook, and in a mere 30 rounds, you'll have a new hat!

Kathy shared her design process with us, discussing everything from her first designs for charity to having her design on the cover of Knit Simple. Head over to the blog to read her story and advice for new designers.

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(file size: 565 KB; published November 20, 2012)

The Yarn

Majestic Tweed
40% Wool • 20% Angora • 20% Silk • 20% Nylon

How did Majestic Tweed get its name? Deep colors accented with tweedy flecks, a gorgeous fiber blend of wool, angora, silk and nylon, and a relaxed ply come together to create soft, rich fabrics with a subtle angora halo. The chunky gauge and unique texture give this yarn a unique position among our all yarns.

Wool. It's not just for winter!


Majestic Tweed debuted in Fall 2012. It is a fabulously soft yarn with flecks throughout each of its 10 colors. There are 6 designs in the Majestic Tweed booklet: cardigans, accessories and pullovers. Choose your favorite and treat yourself to a special piece to knit and wear!

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