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Issue 260 – Fresco Striped Cowl

This week's design by Susan Mills is a colorful soft cowl perfect for brightening up a winter coat and keeping the chill away. This stylish cowl can be worn as a single layer for a long dramatic effect or doubled to make it cozier around the neck. It is worked up in Fresco, which comes in a wide array of colors (52 in all!), making endless color-combination possibilities.

Tonia Barry

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The Yarn

60% Wool • 30% Baby Alpaca • 10% Angora

Fresco is a smooth and even 3-ply, sport weight yarn that has been a member of the CEY family of yarns for a number of years. We have plenty of great things to say about it, but thought you might enjoy hearing praise from someone else this week. Clara Parkes, the writer behind Knitter's Review, had this to say:

This yarn is like a good rollerball pen. It's widely available, doesn't cost a fortune, feels great in your hands, and flatters your handwriting no matter what you write. In yarnspeak, this means Fresco is affordable, available, and willing to accommodate pretty much anything your needles may want to try.

Click here to read the rest of Clara's review.

More Free Patterns in Fresco

Fresco Snowflake Hat Fresco Basket Whip Cowl Winter Wonder Mittens Holiday Napkin Rings Fresco Snowdrop Scarf Fresco Slouchy Hat

Fresco has not only a huge palette of colors, but also plenty of pattern support. Hill House, brand new this fall, features five designs in Fresco. Some of our most popular Web-Letters also feature this yummy wool/baby alpaca/angora blend yarn.

Clockwise from the top left: Simple Slouchy Hat, Snow Drop Scarf, Holiday Napkin Rings Snowflake Hat, Basket Whip Cowl and Winter Wonder Mittens.


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