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Issue 259 – Tablet Cozy in Color By Kristin

A long time ago, when I first started working for Classic Elite Yarns, Kristin Nicholas was the creative director. Much has changed in the twenty years since - there were no tablets to knit covers for then - but Kristin's original and quirky color sense hasn't changed. Back then, Kristin was way ahead of her time and she continues to inspire and captivate knitters in greater numbers today than ever before, with her unique designs and bold colorwork.

Classic Elite is thrilled to have Kristin on board again. Color By Kristin is definitely one of my "desert island" yarns. A soft, smooth, 3 ply, perfect for cables, colorwork or simple stockinette stitch - knit with it just once and you'll have a new favorite yarn.

Susan Mills

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(file size: 365 KB; published September 18, 2012)

The Yarn

Color By Kristin
50% wool • 25% alpaca • 25% mohair

From the studio of Kristin Nicholas comes Color By Kristin - a soft and smooth three-ply blend of wool, alpaca, and mohair in wide palette of colors inspired by nature and the world around us. This yarn is perfect for cables, colorwork or simple stockinette stitch. It felts beautifully too!

Designer Spotlight: Kristin Nicholas, the woman behind the color

In 1984 Kristin Nicholas first joined Classic Elite Yarns with the mission to guide the then hand-weaving yarn company in the new direction of hand-knitting. She left an undeniable mark of worldly, eclectic color and style at CEY along with a portfolio of sweater patterns for women, men and children. Having since developed her own yarn and written multiple books, Kristin now lives and blogs in Western Massachusetts on Leyden Glen Farm with assorted pets and farm animals, including a flock of 400 Romney and crossbred sheep!

We were thrilled when Kristin took the time to talk to us about her early days at CEY, life on the farm and the changes since her first foray into the knitting world. Head over to the blog to read her designer interview and see some great pictures from Kristin's farm!

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