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Issue 255 – Esmeralda Shawl in Sanibel

Soft, multitonal, and shimmery, Sanibel is the ideal yarn for adding a little glamour to your knitting. An added bonus is that Sanibel feels dynamite against your skin! The cool textures knitted into this shawl from Tabetha Hedrick accentuate Sanibel's tonality perfectly. The glimmering streak runs through and around the garter and stockinette striping in the body and the scalloped edging. If you're not familiar with Tabetha's work, head over to the blog to learn more about her!

Chelsea Gable

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(file size: 670 KB; published August 14, 2012)

The Yarn

42% Cotton, 58% Viscose

Sanibel is our fashion yarn: understated, feminine and chic, with a touch of glitz that makes a statement for both daytime and evening wear . The drape is alluring, the hand soft, and the palette sophisticated. Sanibel is perfect for anyone who wants a little excitement in their stash.

Get to know Tabetha Hedrick!

When Tabetha learned to knit in 2004 (thanks to a then 12 year old friend), the obsession was instantaneous. Jumping full tilt into the world of fiber, her creativity was fully unleashed as a knitwear designer. Since then, Tabetha has been published in numerous books, magazines, and yarn company collections such as Creative Knitting, Knitscene, Tangled, Classic Elite, and Bijou Basin Ranch (to name a few). Her favorite part, though? Playing with the yarn!

We were lucky enough to get Tabetha to do a designer interview on the CEY blog. Click here to learn about how she got her start, how she comes up with new designs, and to hear her advice for wannabe knitwear designers!

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