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Issue 251 – Crocheted Purse in Provence

My obsession with granny squares continues and shows no signs of retreat. They are so quick and easy to work, and addicting too! I find it difficult to stop mid-square. Although usually worked in multiple colors, as this bag shows, granny squares can effectively be worked in only one color. And crocheting the finished squares together makes for easy assembly [tutorial]. The only finicky part is weaving in the ends - and you can avoid that too by crocheting the ends into your work as you go.

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(file size: 827 KB; published July 17, 2012)

The Yarn:

100% Mercerized Egyptian Cotton

Provence, one of our signature yarns, is a mercerized Egyptian cotton that knits into a strong and beautiful fabric.

The purse in this week's issue was worked up in a sample color that just didn't fit in the line. With one of our most extensive paletts (72 solids and marls!) we're sure you'll find another color that suits you perfectly.

Tremont cardigan - alternate colors!

Talitha Kuomi's Tremont Cardigan is one of my favorite pieces from the Spring Collection, but what colors to choose? An eye for color is in Susan Mills' job description, so naturally I went to her for some ideas.

With 73 colors of Provence to choose from, she came up with some pretty good combos. Head over to the blog to have a look at what she came up with (and to get a fun tip for knitting stripes when working back and forth...)

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