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Issue 193 – Kudzu Shawl

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It's hard to say what I like most about this week's free pattern. It's not crescent-shaped per se, nor is it a semi-circle. The shape is more like vines gracefully falling from your neckline in gradually increasing leaves, then cascading into an openwork edging. Cotton Bam Boo's natural tendency to drape certainly helps to maintain the illusion, while its excellent stitch definition allows the leaves to stand out in stark relief to the cabled beginning and lace ending of this piece. It doesn't hurt that Cotton Bam Boo is available in 26 solid and variegated colors, making this a pattern to suit any palate (or should I say palette?).


Update: Cotton Bam Boo is no longer available, we suggest substituting Cerro. For more information, and to see our Kudzu Shawl in Cerro, see Issue 330.


(file size: 1.5 MB) updated 9 June 2011

The Story:

In the southern United States, Kudzu flows over the land like waves caught in time. When I lived in Virginia, I loved to watch the daily progress this “weed” made, overtaking trees and buildings alike. I tried to capture the impression of motion in this shawlette, using lace patterns that transition organically from one to the next.

The top edge begins with a twisted rib that expands into the first round of leaves.  The second round of leaves, slightly larger, develops from a column of twisted knit stitches left-over from the rib. The third and final round of leaves, larger still, expands to take over the lattice at the bottom edge.

This lacy shawlette can be worn over the shoulders with a fancy accent button or shawl pin to hold it in place. The full length version can also be wrapped twice around the neck for a more casual look. The midi length is just long enough to go once around the shoulders. 

-- Rachel, designer

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