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Issue 165 – Diamond Cap

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Although I don't often wear a hat, I like to knit them. Fortunately, my daughter likes to wear hats, so I do the knitting and she does the wearing—an arrangement that satisfies us both.

Designer Meg Myers also wears many hats—both figuratively and literally. Not only is she kept busy as CEY's graphic designer but she is a prolific knitter who seems always to be sporting a new hat or shawl.

This week's pattern is Meg's latest creation. A simple textured cap with just the right amount of fullness to flatter the face.


Update: Kumara is no longer available, we suggest substituting Color By Kristin. For more information, and to see our Diamond Caps knit in Color By Kristin, see Issue 335.

(file size: 440 KB; published November 16, 2010)

The Story:

Hats are my go-to project whenever I want to swatch a new yarn or stitch, or when I am ready for a break from larger projects. Having just finished a marathon of knitting for the CEY Spring 2011 collection, I was more than ready for a quick, simple knit.

This Kumara Diamond Cap uses simple repeats of knit/purl combinations that are easy to “read” after the pattern is established in the first few rows. The crown decreases are eventually worked into the pattern, creating a star at the top of the cap that looks a lot more intricate than it really is. 

Maybe this instant gratification project was too instant (using just one ball!); I’ve already cast on for another cap in Caribou.


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