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Web-Letter, Issue 156 – La Gran Stole

With Fall and Winter fast approaching, knitting thoughts turn to pieces that you can wrap yourself up in and watch the weather do what it will. To accomplish this goal, one needs a great yarn that is warm, soft and stylish—just like La Gran, Classic Elite’s “Grand Dame” as Chelsea refers to it in our blog.

The second component is a good pattern. This week we hope to provide you with two of the major tools necessary to create a timeless wardrobe staple.

Tonia Barry

The Story:

I am fortunate to be a member of a wonderful knit night group where we recently took a survey of how many projects a typical knitter might actively work on at the same time. The answer was almost unanimous, “at least two.” An absolute requirement of one is that it must be mindless knitting, for those times when you must knit but cannot give it your undivided attention. This week’s pattern is just that project. It is a lovely La Gran ribbed stole. All that is needed is to cast-on, set up the rib and work until it’s done. What could be more simple? The result is a beautiful wardrobe staple that will keep you toasty all winter long.

Tonia Barry

The Yarn:

La Gran
78.4% mohair, 17.3% wool, 4.3% nylon

Mohair, the fiber from Angora goats, is fine and lustrous and has many of the good qualities of wool. Knit on a large needle, La Gran produces a lightweight and airy fabric. The mohair in La Gran is twisted with wool (for warmth) and nylon (for strength) as a binder that keeps mohair from shedding. The yarn is then brushed to bring out the lofty soft halo of the mohair fiber.

pattern image

more photos

The Pattern:

Here is the free downloadable La Gran Stole. (file size: 228 KB)

If you have difficulty downloading or printing the PDF pattern above, try this: page 1

pattern image

Download this pattern now

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